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자주 묻는 질문

어디서나 간편하고 맛있게 조리가 가능한 EZ COOK!

  • How should I set the ramen cooking time when cooking ramen?
    We will inform you of the amount of water and cooking time for each type of ramen, as well as the cooking time for Togo packaging. 1. Shin Ramyun and regular ramen - Water volume: 450 cc/ml - Cooking time: 4 minutes / Togo packaging cooking time: 3 minutes 2. Raccoon and thick noodles - Water volume: 480 cc/ml - Cooking time: 4 minutes and 30 seconds / Togo packaging cooking time: 3 minutes and 30 seconds 3. Chapagetti and broth-free ramen - Water volume: 330 cc/ml - Cooking time: 4 minutes / Togo packaging cooking time: 3 minutes 4. Tteokbokki - Water volume: 270 cc/ml - Cooking time: 2 minutes and 30 seconds / Togo packaging cooking time: 1 minute and 30 seconds If you set it as above, you can cook it most appropriately using EZ Cook. Additionally, Cooker Set 1 has the default settings for the appropriate amount of water and cooking time, and Sets 2 to 4 can be set appropriately.
  • How do I manage the product?
    We will guide you through product management by part. Water filter : We recommend replacing the filter every 3 to 6 months. Plastic parts of the machine : Clean them with a soft towel using detergent. Induction part (the part where the container is raised) : You can use an induction glass cleaner to maintain it. * Induction Glass Cleaner Recommended Product Link: Purchase Link If toppings are included in ramen cooking, you must stir the toppings (eggs, rice cakes, etc.) well before cooking. If you do not stir well, the container and induction cooker may burn.
  • Is it available in 110v in the US and Canada?
    Yes, it is possible. Unlike products from Korea, when imported from TTO into the U.S. and Canada, all products are tailored to the local needs. We specially produce and import and sell products that meet both 110v and electronic certification. If you have any questions other than the FAQ items, please contact our customer service center or email at any time. We will reply within 24 hours.
  • What is the warranty?
    For warranties, there are 12 months Unlimited Warranty and 12 months Extended Limited Warranty . 12 months Unlimited Warranty : After purchase, we provide free A/S under any circumstances for up to 12 months. 12 months Extended Limited Warranty : If there is a problem with the product, it is free for an additional 12 months after purchase. In case of careless use by the customer, additional costs will be charged for after-sales service. * During the Extended Warranty period, round-trip shipping costs are borne by the customer.
  • How soon should the filter be replaced?
    In the case of filters, it varies depending on local water quality, but on average, it is recommended to replace it every 3 months in the western region and 6 months in the eastern region. However, for businesses or users who use it a lot, we recommend replacing it every month.
  • An error code occurred. How do I resolve it?
    When using an EZ Cook cooker, an error code may occur due to various environmental factors even if the product is not malfunctioning. After checking the error code, you can easily solve the problem as follows. E-01 (House connection problem or water not entering the hot water tank in time or not being full) Please push the connected water hose all the way in. If you do not go in to the end, an error will occur. You must insert it completely. Afterwards, turn off the switch, then turn it on again after 2-3 seconds to refill the water. If the problem persists, remove the filter connected to the middle of the water inlet line, immediately connect water, and then turn it on again. . E-05 (Power cuts off when the ramen cooker is tilted) Since the ramen cooker uses hot water, the power automatically turns off if the machine is tilted. This can be resolved by placing the device on a flat surface, turning the power off, and then turning it back on. Due to the sensitivity of the sensor, you may need to place it on a flat surface and turn it back on after 1-2 hours to resolve the issue. E-08 (Power cut off when hot water tank reaches high temperature) In this case, please submit the details (buyer name, product name, date of purchase, video in question) to our A/S center through the A/S application page . * If the application page does not work, please send it to the email address below and we will contact you within 48 hours to resolve the issue. E-09 (If excessive water is contained in the hot water tank) Please drain some water through the discharge channel located at the back of the machine and then turn the power back on. If problems persist . If the machine is a Direct type, After turning off the power, 1. Fully close the blue valve on the hose inlet line. 2. Once you have closed the valve, please completely drain the water into the discharge channel. 3. Once the water has been completely drained, open the closed valve only about 1/3 and turn on the power. If the machine is a Motor type, After turning off the power, 1. Please completely drain the water into the discharge channel. 2. Remove the filter connected to the water tank. 3. Connect the machine and water tank again with a hose without going through the filter. (with filter removed) 4. Please turn on the power. * If another error code occurs or the problem cannot be resolved using the methods above, please contact customer service. Please send an email to and we will assist you with consultation.
  • How do I inject water?
    Yes, our EZ COOK can be filled with water in two ways. 1) Pump-type water (basic setting) Connect the hose to the product, submerge the hose into the water tank, and suction will be supplied through the pump built into the product. 2) Direct intake Just take the small hose used for a regular ice maker from a nearby plumbing line and connect it to the filter included in the product. * Unlike other products, ours is the only product that contains both. You can use 1/2 by simply setting it up.
  • Can I use a container from another company or a general induction pan other than TTO's dedicated container?
    EZ Cook is designed to operate optimally in our dedicated container, THE BOWL. Accordingly, when using a container from another company, the PCB board inside the product may break due to overload and high output of the induction cooker, and this is not covered by after-sales service. Since there are many different types of induction fans, the possibility of problems is high. Even in this case, A/S is not applicable because it creates overload. When using EZ Cook, you must use a container specifically designed for The Touch ON.
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