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[Composition of Ramyun Vending Machine]

: Mainbody + 5 Ramen Lines
-Main body: Payment and paper container ejection
-Ramyun line: loaded by each line

Each line of vending machines can load 15 Ramyun.
(Type: 2 lines, 3 lines, 5 lines can be selected)

Vending Machine included Vending Credit Card Terminal.

You will need to send subscribe its Merchant service to use the payment system.

Once you place an order, our sales team will reach out to help you set it up.

*** All orders takes 6-8 weeks delivery unless your sales rep confirms shorter delivery time.


5Line: w 45.28in(1150mm) xd 12.6in(320mm) xh 47.24in(1200mm)

3Line: w 31.88in(810mm) xd 12.6in(320mm) xh 47.24in(1200mm)

2Line: w 25.59in(650mm) x d 12.6in(320mm) xh 47.24in(1200mm)

[Configuration of ramen vending machine]

: Main body + 5 ramen lines

- Main body: Payment and container dispensing

- Ramen line: Disposal of ramen loaded in each line

Each vending machine ramen line can be loaded with 15 pieces.

(Type: 2-line, 3-line, 5-line selectable)

The ramen vending machine includes a credit card payment terminal.

After ordering the product, you must apply separately to connect to the terminal payment system, and our sales team will assist you with the connection.

** Vending machine orders take 6 to 8 weeks, and our sales staff can quickly confirm your order.

Ramyun Vending Machine with Payment Terminal (including ramen vending machine/card terminal)

Excluding Sales Tax
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