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​Company Introduction

Honest people make honest products.

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Brand Story

Leftover ingredients that have been used once or twice in the refrigerator and

A pile of dishes...
There are so many things you need to do to eat well and live well.
Every minute, every second is a precious burden for busy modern people

often approach.


One meal at the push of a button

In a rapidly changing era, Can suggests a smart one-meal meal.
Put various convenience foods such as ramen, soup, soup, stew, udon, and noodles in a container,

At the push of a button, a delicious meal is ready.

The cost and hassle of purchasing food, cleaning, and grooming,

Even the problem of washing dishes after eating...
Easy Cook can take all these worries away easily.

EZCOOK to enjoy in various places -

Ski resorts, sledding slopes, water parks, and food courts at rest stops, which are continuously renewing their highest sales,
motels, pensions, resorts,
Even the bath room, lounge, and cafeteria that provide high satisfaction to employees!
The number of customers using easycook continues to increase.


In order to avoid inconvenience to all customers,
To give you the best satisfaction,

' Cheap, fast and delicious '
Can's efforts to realize the most fundamental value of

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