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Ramyun Cafe'
​사업설명회 Webinar

Ramen cafe business briefing session

It will be held on Sunday, March 3rd at 5pm.

I hope this webinar will be helpful to many people who are interested in the ramen cafe business.

Please understand that we are conducting a paid paid webinar to distinguish between actual business progress and those who are simply interested.

Webinar business information session registration fee: $1,000

$500, which is 50% of the webinar amount, will be sent as credit for product purchase, and the remaining $500 will be deducted as credit from the first down payment for build up if you request a cafe build up.

라면카페 사업 설명회 Webinar 내용

1. 라면카페란? 라면카페의 미래

2. 사업이 나에게 맞는가?

3. 사업의 형태

4. 사업 준비사항

5. 카페를 만들기 위한 기본 지식

6. 매장의 형태 및 샘플 Floor Plan 

7. 라면카페 사업의 메뉴 및 가능 식품

8. 사업의 장점과 단점

9. 무인 운영이 가능할까?

10. 사업의 수익성

11. QnA 질문과 답변

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